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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Episode 1 TWIT Review

Hey everyone my first real podcast is up and running. Hope you guys like it. I published it last night and when I went to listen to the download this morning I could barely hear it to be honest it sucked. So this morning I republished a better file so I hope you guys can hear it.

Show Notes:

  • First I talk about me and why I wanted to do this podcast.
  • Second Review TWIT and talk aobut what I think to make it better.
  • Third talk about LIBSYN and what a great host for podcast they are.
Hope you guys like it I will get better as time goes I was real nervous hope it didn't show to much.

Next Show:

  • Review castblaster what I use to create my podcasts
  • I haven't decided what podcast to review yet
  • Listner comments if there are any 8*)


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