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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Episode 3 The Quick and Dirty version.

Sorry about the quality of this show guys but I wanted to get the show out in time. If you listen real close you can hear my cat trying to kill something in the backgroud 8*). Hope you have a good New Years.

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  • Bored Suburbia Sorry guys but this is my first negative review. They try real hard but when they are so bored during the promo they put out that there yawning you know you are in trouble.
  • Combat Information Center This Battlestar Galatica podcast reviews each episode and tells about some of the backgroud for each show. I can't wait for SCIFI to put out some more BSG episodes in Jan. The episodes stop in sept when BSG stopped airing new episodes but he says he will be back when new episodes show up agian in Jan.
  • Behind the Scenes Probly one of the best podcasts you can download if you are new to podcasting. I have listen to all the episodes and have learned something in everyone.
  • Guy Cast Like the best damn sports show but better. They talk about sports, college life, and Bars all the things I don't get to do anymore. Very entertaining but not work safe.
  • Podcast Outlaws This is a podcast feed of sample episodes of podcast that a group podcasters have decided they need more exposer. I hope to be added to that list one day but I need to get some more episodes under my belt first.


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