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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Episode 4 Dismay, ElNacho, Nobodies, Strange Music

Hey everyone hope you had a great New years I know I did. Thanks for all the emails for review requests keep them comming.

I was playing around with how to produce the show. I hope it was a improvement if not send me some feedback. I got a diffrent Mic I hope the sound is better.


  • Dismay: A story about a new hero with podsafe music added in.
  • ElNacho: Hmm Careful here your brain may explode.
  • Nobodies: A guy girl cast that's good and keeps you laughing
  • Strange Music in Small Doses: Some great music good podcast and some really way out there stuff that you swear you'll blow your speakers out.

Thanks again for all the emails and please keep them comming. I hope I am adding something to the podcast community that can benifit us all.

I'm not going to ask for votes yet but I am on podcast alley and podcast pickle so if you are already there and you have nothing better to do you could throw one my way. 8*)


    there ya go :P

    emailin thing...

    By Blogger El Nacho, at 8:21 PM  

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