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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Episode 7 Funny Podcasts with a Girly podcast thrown in.

Another negative review man I must be getting hard on people. I just tell it like I see it hope you guys have a great week. Look for The Podcast Reviewer Min in the near future.

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  • bob the reviewer...
    RE: Corey and Joel
    first of all let me say thanks for saying show 8 was the best. I was the guest...
    as a reviewer, you should know comedy is subjective. some work blue. some are clean. some steal. whatever... because you don't like their (my) style don't say it's not funny. 2 and 1/2 Men isn't funny to me, but it's the highest rated comedy on TV...there's no accounting for taste ... while I may be prejudiced to my friends, I think their show is very funny (for the most part - they do tell you they're comics too much) give it another listen in a week or two...I'll be guesting again and we're gonna go a little crazy...

    By Blogger OpMindcrime, at 1:31 PM  

  • That is true it is subjective and I did say someone may find them funny. I also said download a episode and suggested 8 because out of all that I listen to that one did make me smile and chuckle.

    The fact they keep reminding you there profesional comics and they are funny and if you don't find them funny your stupid grates on me.

    I think if they didn't try and be a radio show and cut loose they would be funny. Relying on racial slurs and makeing fun of other people and what they do kinda limits you as far as comedy.

    The shows I listened to were 1,2,8,30,31,32,34,40,41,42,45,51,52 so you can see I listen to alot of them trying to find something to like. I kept saying these guys are pros why in the hell don't I find them funny. I could hear glimers of there humor when they cut loose and didn't give a shit what there were saying but over all it just wasn't there. I hope they cut loose on me I gave them plenty to work on LOL.

    I am here and corey and everyone else has my email so if they want another go just give me a shout If you guys do a funny bit I will do another review and say your funny.

    That's what I do I want everyone to do good and I want everyone to be successful.

    Sometimes it just takes someone else to tell you you have mud on your face.

    By Blogger The Reviewer, at 4:23 PM  

  • Any chance of adding another meta-category called "Keepers," to reflect your comments on the Mep Report?:

    "they go onto my special 'Listen to These When I Can', when I'm not trying to do a review. Everybody else I just kind of rotate out."

    In any case, great show... Congrats on DSC too.

    By Blogger Russ G., at 8:14 PM  

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