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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Negative Reviews

Lets get one thing straight I don't give out negative reviews lightly. I could just ignore the podcast and nobody would know and belive me I have ignored some real crappers. But I think it is good to hear things about yourself that are negative. This makes you look at yourself and evaluate what the person said.

If all you hear all your life is that your shit doesn't stink you start to believe it. Then if someone comes along and says hey who shit in the corner and made it stink in here. You say to yourself everyone tells me my shit doesn't stink so it must not be me.

Take my reviews however you want I am here to wade threw all the crap so others don't have to. I am also here to give out advice to podcasters on how to make there cast a little better. I might not do that in my podcast but if you send me an email asking what I think would make it better I would be glad to reply and have. If instead of taking my advice and trying to make changes to make your podcast better you parade out a bunch of people that are blowing smoke up your butt and continue as usual so be it.

There are a lot of podcasts out there some will improve and continue to rise to the top others will just fade away. At this point podcasting is so new nobody wants to say anything bad about someone else's podcast or they might offend them. Screw that there are only so many hours in a day and the ones that improve there shows in content and appeal will be the ones that survive.

I don't want to be the bad boy of podcasting. I want to improve the quality of each podcast I review and each podcast I do so we can shut down the media companies that no longer want us to have a choice of what we listen to and how we listen to it.


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